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Cemeteries of Henniker, NH
    An Index to Burials

Henniker's  Cemeteries

We offer the list of names below to help you begin your search. These names are in alphabetical order by last name.  This list includes  persons whose names are in a record showing they have been buried in Henniker or whose name is engraved on a headstore.  In each case, the last name is followed by the first name, the year of death if known and a single letter cemetery code according the the KEY.


B Colby Cemetery
C Chase Cemetery
F First Burial Yard
G Gordon gravestones
H Harriman & Huse Yard
M Miscellaneous gravesites
N New Cemetery
O Old or Center Cemetery
P Plummer Cemetery
Q Quaker
R Roy gravesite
T Patten Family Yard
U Unknown locations

A full record of the inscriptions on the stones of persons listed here and cemetery plot maps can be found in the larger works entitled Historic Cemeteries of Henniker, New Hampshire, A Detailed Record of Gravestone Inscriptions and New Cemetery, Henniker New Hampshire, a Detailed Record of Burials and gravestone Inscriptions, 1820-2000

To help with your searching:  Click on first letter of last name for the correct page   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z


? Jacob unk P   Alto,  William L 1967 N
? Jacob's Wife unk P ALTO unk N
? Pig 01 N Amsden,  Abigail, Mrs. 1786 F
Abbott, Alonzo 1895 N Amsden, Mary, Mrs. 1784 F
Abbott, Charlotte 1917 N Amsden Uriah, Mr. 1794 F
Abbott, George 1823 O Anderson,  Helen 1986 N
Abbott, Harriett 1893 O Anderson,  John Samuel 1994 N
Abbott, Harrison 1826 O Anderson,  Pauline M 1976 N
Abbott, Lucinda 1864 O ANDERSON, unk N
Abbott, Madison 1842 O Andress, Annie L.T. 1958 N
Abbott, Mary G. 1820 O Andress, J. Mace 1943 N
Abbott, William 1840 O Andrews, Anna T.P. 1982 N
Adams, Aaron, Capt. 1819 P Andrews, Fannie G. 1966 N
Adams, Abi F.W. 1951 N Andrews, George E. 1986 N
Adams, Almira B. 1847 P Andrews, Gilbert S. 1929 N
Adams, Betsey, Mrs. 1818 P Andrews, Henry 1991 N
Adams, Betsey G, 1820 P Andrews, Lizzie H.P. 1929 N
Adams, Betsy Jane 1917 N Andrews, Susie A. 1912 N
Adams, Cora G. 1803 N ANDREWS unk N
Adams, Eliza Ann 1849 P Andrus, Diane Marie 1998 N
Adams, Elizabeth 1927 N Andrus Ray N. 1960 N
Adams, Franklin P 1829 P Annis,  C. Vaughan 2002 N
Adams, Franklin P 1836 P Annis,  Catherine H. 1973 N
Adams, George 1851 P Annis,  Ethel E.R. 1911 N
Adams, Gerorge W. 1847 P Annis,  Frank P. 1939 N
Adams, James 1870 P Annis,  Fred C. 1951 N
Adams, James M 1836 P Annis,  Frederick R. 1997 N
Adams, James 1850 P Annis,  Grover C. 1971 N
Adams, John 1853 P Annis,  Hattie Childs 1932 N
Adams, Lorinda 1850 P Annis,  Infant Son 1917 N
Adams, Lydia Plumer 1865 P Annis,  Julia K.V. 1935 N
Adams, Lydia A 1841 P Archambault,  Alfred J., Jr. unk N
Adams, Martha A 1935 N Archambault, Christine W. 2004 N
Adams, Mary, Mrs. 1807 P Archambault, Mark Richard 1972 N
Adams, Patty 1841 P Arel,  Gertrude Garland 1962 N
Adams, Stella M 1954 N Armstrong, E.B.  unk N
Adams, Stephen, Capt. 1843 P Armstrong, Jessie E. 1910 N
Adams, Stephen unk B Armstrong, Marilla C. 1934 N
Adams, William 1851 P Arney, Kenneth H. 1974 P
Adams, William 1803 P Arnos,  George P. 1988 N
Adams, William 1816 P ARNOS, unk N
Adams, William 1809 P Ashenden, Harry B. 1967 N
Adams, William Samuel 1937 N Ashenden, Katherine D. unk N
Aiken  Susanna, Mrs. 1829 O ASHENDEN unk N
Alden, Adaline W. 1894 N Ashford, Alice H.F. 1932 N
Alix, Beverly J. unk N Ashford, Clayton W. 1997 N
Alix, John A. 1984 N Ashford, Glenna C. 1978 N
Alix, Joyce M unk N Atkinson, Ida O. 1933 N
Allaire, Alfred 1909 O ATKINSON, unk N
Allen, Cedric W 1944 N Aucoin,  Bernadette B. unk N
Allen, Clarence 1965 N Aucoin,  Henry D. 1973 N
Allen, Emma V 1892 N Aucoin,  Herve G. 1995 N
Allen, Emma A. N. 1952 N Aucoin,  Jeannine S. unk N
Allen, George L 1943 N Aucoin,  Madeleine D. unk N
Allen, Gracie M 1885 N Aucoin,  Roger L. unk N
Allen, Harvey 1869 N Aucoin,  Tammy A. 2001 N
Allen, Herbert P. 1879 N Aucoin,  Yvonne M.L. 1970 N
Allen, Julia A.C. 1973 N AUCOIN, unk N
Allen, Lucretia A 1874 N Ayer, E. Benjamin unk N
Allen, Madolyn P (RN) 1999 N Ayer, Harold W. 1968 N
Allen, Mary J 1921 P Ayer, Harold W. 1945 N
Allen, Minerva S 1903 P Ayer, Lillian M. 2003 N
Allen, Oscar N 1903 N Ayer, Martha B. 1965 N
Allen, Richard L 1988 N AYER, unk N
ALLEN, unk N Ayers, Charles L. 1924 N
ALLEN, unk N Aylward, Allen Foster 1992 N
Alley, Daniel 1847 O Aylward, Lewis A. 1980 N
Alley, Rachel 1882 O Aylward, Mildred M. 1988 N
Ally, Richard 1882 P AYLWARD unk N
Alonzo,  Abbott 1897 N

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