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Changes to book, Historic Cemeteries of Henniker

As of 15 March 1999

Since printing some copies of Historic Cemeteries of Henniker, NH, A Detailed Record of Gravestone Inscriptions, the following changes have been made to the data. If you have a copy of this publication and it does not reflect this change, you can print this page and insert it in your copy of the book, or you can contact the Society (see General Information) for a copy of this page at no charge. If further changes to the data are made in the future, they will be posted on this web page.


Noyes, Mehitable E.
Age: 83y
Notes: [This inscription was copied from the gravestone into a book
at the NH Antiquarian Society by Silas Ketchum on Oct. 20, 1874]
HS Inscript:


George H. Dodge and his wife Abbie F. Straw are listed under the Plummer Cemetery. Mr. Childs listed them there but we could not find them. We have now found their stone in the New Cemetery.

Abigail Baxter, listed in the First Burial Yard should be listed as ABIGAIL BOWMAN. She was the daughter of Mr. Baxter Bowman and Mrs. Abigail Bowman (spelling on stone is incorrect) and she is buried next to her grandparents.

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